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Sunday, October 22, 2006

wollemi pines are doing well

Today we stayed with Dave's parents and had a wonderful lunch out on their patio... next to the Wollemi pines! They are amazing, doing really well with a lot of new growth. The new growth started off a creamy colour apparently and is gradually becoming green. It's still a noticeably lighter shade of green, it looks lovely. According to Jess (Dave's Mum) the trees grow from a small nobbly bit at the top that looks almost like it's been cut off, then it gradually gets bigger and opens out into branches almost like fronds. Then the process begins over.

What impressed me the most about them though was how soft they were, with lovely feathery leaves, not like pine needles or harsh like monkey puzzles as I'd been expecting. They do seem to have a bit of a monkey puzzle habit though, which bodes well. :-)

They're doing so wonderfully under Jess's nurture that we've decided to leave them with her for the foreseeable future in their pots, rather than transplant them to Amherst until there's someone around to look after them. They're too special to risk losing.

wollemi pines.jpg wollemi pines closeup.jpg

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