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Friday, September 29, 2006

Ebay wins: sunrise windows & violin chairs

This week we got some more stained glass... I've been holding back on bidding for glass in recent months as we've already got quite a lot, and prices seem to have gone up since the early heydays of Ebay UK. But when I saw these I couldn't resist as it reminded me of the sun ray wooden motifs in Tallin, plus the colours go well with the set of 18 we've already got (see here at bottom).

sunrise windows

From the description:
"Two 1930's art deco mountain sunrise stained glass windows in pine wood frame. Each measures approx 19" x 20". Beautiful shiney textured stained glass colours are emerald green, orange, blue, yellow and pale green. All glass is in good condition"

A few weeks before this we also got two more chairs. Not that we needed more chairs, but these were really cheap and they reminded me of my old violin. I envisage them painted in some muted blue/green/purple colour, on the verandah. Functional yet beautiful, except for the legs but they can be easily replaced.

violin like chairs

From the description:
"Beautiful carved hall/kitchen chairs, two matching. They look to be in light oak. The back has a heart shape carved and an ornate shape which makes them very pleasing to the eye. They'd look fantastic in any environment and are very comfortable to sit on"

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Age article about goldfields (Sept 2006)

Yes I'm still alive, just haven't been posting as there hasn't been much new to say. Work has been so busy and everything Amherst has been on hold until we visit in a month.

In the meantime, one interesting thing came my way thanks to Dave's Mum. This newspaper article talks about the goldfields in Victoria, and the photo is taken at the Quartz reef outcrop in Amherst. Our place is in Amherst and we have lots of quartz stones on our block - although nothing as glamorous as in this photo. But, it must be quite close by as Amherst isn't that big. I shall have to get hold of the book to find out exactly where it is. I really can't wait to get back there, it's been too long.

Age article about goldfields (Sept 2006)
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