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Saturday, July 15, 2006

October visit plans

I'm starting to get things organised for our visit to Amherst in October.

I've just found a fairly basic but nice-looking cottage to rent at Avoca Farm Stay that is about 10 minutes drive away. It's got lots of lovely animals including highland cattle that you can meet, the owners seem really friendly, and to top it all off it's got WiFi! We're staying there for a full week, so we can get work done but in a more relaxed way than last time. I can't wait.

Our work plans are scaled back from my last, over-optimistic post. Now we are just going to focus on planting a few more trees and getting the foundation dug/poured for the vegetable garden wall. Anything else will be a bonus.

So far we only have a few things lined up for planting:

Three wollemi pines

See description and photos here

Eight agave americana


"This succulent originates from Mexico and can stand in the hottest sun all day. It grows into a huge plant but can be restricted in a pot for patios etc. Has a distinctive blue colouration. Grows to 3 metres across. Has a huge flower spike after approx 15 years, then dies. Plants on offer are well established plants approximately 25cm high. Grows best in full sun and requires good drainage and infrequent watering. Extremely hardy, especially of hot weather. Propagates from offsets"

More to come I'm sure!

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