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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Liberty's 2006 sale (we bought rugs!)

The Liberty sale is on again. Those who remember me blogging about it last year will know how much I love Liberty and the unusual style of things they sell.

Well, I'm afraid this year I succumbed and went. It was a bit more eclectic than I expected and a lot more modern but still some interesting stuff. Here's some photos of things that particularly grabbed my eye:

lovely chair floral chair corn coffee table

But they were all way too expensive. (The decoupaged chair alone was over £500 which is ludicrous!) BUT I did splurge and purchase two Arts & Crafts design rugs.

They're new, but handmade, 100% wool and woven to patterns exclusive to Liberty resurrected from their archives. I got them for less than half price, which was a real bargain. I've struggled for years to find rugs I like and suddenly two come along at once! Here are pictures:

green rug
Sadly this will be living rolled up under the bed with mothballs and wrapped in brown paper, till we get to Amherst. We don't have anywhere here in London we could use it that wouldn't be exposed to the wrath of bunnies! (We have 2 pet house rabbits who mean well but can sometimes be a little naughty).

But, this one we're using in the conservatory here as it's a good size for it. We're using it upside down though, so if the sun damages it and lightens the colours, it only does it to the underneath. This is a photo we took of it right side up so you can see the colours properly:


For those not familiar with Liberty, here's a blurb about their carpets section that comes from their website. It was a truly lovely experience shopping there, they were so helpful and knowledgeable. If you're looking for a nice rug, I definitely recommend them.

"The Liberty Carpet department is one of the most
established and comprehensive in the UK, if not the world.
With carpets ranging from £50.00 to £50,000 you can receive
expert advice from the specialist staff on the origin and
design of every carpet in the department... Each carpet is
hand made using traditional methods ... No brands, no
companies just a country – Iran, Persia, Pakistan,
Afghanistan. We have friends there who make the best
carpets in the world in a way that no machine
can replicate"

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