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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Ebay wins: firegrate, washstand

Dad's collected lots of fireplace mantles but we're going to need something to put inside the fireplace too. I found this on Ebay in Australia and Mum kindly picked it up for me.

fire grate

From the description:
"Original Cast iron fire grate. This was from an old Victorian home in Abbotsford Melbourne. It measures approx 39 cm long x 23 cm wide. It stands approx 16 in height including the legs"

Also we lucked out last week and found the most fantastic old washstand. I've been on the verge of bidding for washstands several times, but they've always gone for far more than I was prepared to pay. Then this comes along, and not only do I adore it, it turned out to be just up the road from Dad's so he was able to collect without any problem!

red cedar washstand

From the description:
"Beautiful washstand including deep porcelain sink and taps. All drawer fronts have a detailed patina finish. Washstand measures 1.66 high x 50 deep x 1.16 wide. In need of some restoration and would make a magnificent statement in any period bathroom".

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