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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ebay wins: chairs galore

We've continued to acquire odds and ends on Ebay. Here's the recent additions:

Dining chairs

Most recently we won some lovely dining chairs. This brings our total of nice chairs up to 15 now, which should be enough to allow for scattering them around the house & cottage. These require a little work on reupholstering but doesn't look too hard, and now I have a project for summer! :-)



From the description:
"Five dining chairs plus one carver. Bought together with a table 15 years ago from an antique shop. I have abandoned trying to reupholster them and we have bought some modern chairs when we moved house. Although two of the chairs have no seat pad and the others are in need of reupholstering I have all the bits. I know nothing about antiques but have been told these are nice chairs and worth something; someone even told me they are 'arts and crafts'. We are just fed up with them sitting in our house and the highest bidder is welcome to them! They are absolutely solid on their legs with no wobbly backs etc. But they do need re-upholstering"

Oak stools

We also recently got some great little oak stools. They're footstools really, but a great size to serve as little low tables too, which is how we're going to use them for the time being anyway.

old oak foot stool

From the description:
"Fantastic Pair of old carved Oak Stools, nicely carved in art nouveau, arts and crafts style, but possibly earlier. A really stylish pair of small oak stools, beautifully and deeply carved with foliage on the seats. Each stool is made of really nice coloured Oak which suggests these pieces have some age to them. The seats are nailed to the carcass and legs with four nails, one in each side, but I cannot see if these are hand made nails or not as the heads are not visible. The legs are nicely turned ending in turned feet as you can see on the photo’s. One of the seats is split clean down the middle – this has been glued at some point, but could be done much better by someone who is qualified. The stools are each 18 cm high, and the seats are 34cm by 19cm, and they look really great together as a pair, but you do need a small bum to sit on them…….which is why I am selling them :0)"

Wing-backed armchair

I've always wanted one of these, so when it came up for sale really cheaply thought it was worth a shot even if we had to invest in reupholstering it.

wingback armchair

From the description:
"I am selling this extremely comfy Edwardian (I believe, or could be early 20thC) wingback armchair. Its is absolutely solid, with no movement in any of the joints or frame. The material is freyed in places and little old fashioned so would make a great upholstry project for someone, or its certainly in good enough condition to leave as it is if you dont mind the colour. Dimensions are as follows.
Height 37" x Wide 31" x Depth 33" These are at the widest point"

Deck chair

Finally, we also got an old steamer chair. This was a little more hassle in that it turned out to have some woodworm (the guy stretched the truth about "good condition" in his listing!). But it is still solid. It had to live in the shed for a month till we were able to treat it, but now it's fine.

steamer chair

From the description:
"This is an unusual antique chair frame which extends to support the legs. I guess that it is Victorian but in truth I am not an expert, it could be a bit older or more recent. It is in good condition. It is part of the contents of an old house that I have just bought and which appears to have not been touched for a least a century. It can lay completely flat and I am advised that it is called a Steamer and that these things are quite difficult to get hold of".


K said...

Neat finds! I love eBay!

Anonymous said...

I am jealous of your eBay finds as I live in New York and can't seem to find the old things that you have in England. I could bid, but the shipping costs would be astronomical!