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Friday, May 26, 2006

entering the world of 3D

Right, it's been way too long, yet again, since I posted. We've got a long weekend here in the UK so I'm going to try and catch up.

Nothing much has happened in terms of planning. I started writing up some feedback, which I'll resurrect later, but it became apparent that I was never going to be able to fully be confident without seeing a 3D version. Because, I'm really worried about the shape of the ceilings in the upstairs part. Being practical, we therefore decided to make a 3D version. It's proving easier said than done.

The first thing I tried, which I may yet continue with, was to join SecondLife. This is a virtual world thingy that seems to be on the verge of major growth (e.g., the BBC of all people simulcast a music festival there a few weeks ago)... and it has apparently got really cool tools for letting you build things. Like houses. Like furniture. I had the idea of building a replica of Amherst there, not only so we could have a 3D version to check we were happy with the architectural design, but then so I could play around with interior decorating etc before committing to real money.

I know, I know. It's pretty way out.

Then I discovered Google SketchUp which lets you superimpose your sketches onto the real world via Google Earth. Well, how amazing would that be... it'd be like building Amherst but one step closer to real-life. (Forget for a minute that Google Earth's pictures of Amherst are currently stupidly fuzzy).

For the moment, we're going down the SketchUp route. Dave is leading, his goal is to build a replica of the bedroom area, complete with ceiling, in the next week. Let's see what happens. I'm still occasionally dropping into SecondLife. I found it jaw-droppingly surprising, the vividness and flexibility (which of course makes it complicated too), but it's quite intriguing nonetheless.

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