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Monday, April 17, 2006

paint colours for Cottage

Dad is going to start preparing for painting the weatherboards on the old cottage at Amherst, so they have greater protection.

He emailed a few days ago while we were still in Savannah to ask us about paint colours:
"I have bought primer undercoat but want to buy the
wattyl solarguard. Talked to the rep at Hudsons and
colours need to be mixed at the point of sale, but
with a volume order he can give a better price than in
dribs and drabs. Your call to tell me the colour of
the weatherboards, and trim"

Dave and I hadn't discussed it but luckily while in Savannah we saw a lovely shade of deep blue that we both liked. So, given the need for a speedy decision, blue it is going to be! The colour we were told was called "haunt blue" and was made originally by mixing indigo with buttermilk. It was used back in the voodoo days to discourage ghosts, something to do with them getting confused with the sky?!? Anyway, it's a lovely colour.

Here's the mix of colours we've settled on:

paint colours

The deep blue is for the weather boards and the very slightly off-white is for the trim. We also picked out two other colours - a deep grey that could work well for accenting with the trim, or for things like shutters, and a sky blue. The sky blue could possibly work as an accent too, but mainly we picked it out to be the colour underneath the verandah.

Here's a picture of a house with similar colours (except the trim is a bit too white), and showing the verandah roof that's our inspiration for using the blue underneath:

blue house for lynette


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