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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Ebay: bentwood chair & cupboard

I have a chair in our hallway which we got years ago, with lovely bentwood arms. I've been looking for another that could go with it, eventually, and at last I've found one I like. I don't like the colour that much but it says it's easy to recover so it might be my first upholstery project. I can see these chairs one day living in the screened porch at Amherst.

Bentwood chair

From the Ebay listing:
"This is a nice design Art Deco, Sunray Sides,
Bentwood Arm, Reclining Armchair / Easy Chair, dating
to around c1930. It has great Bentwood Arms design,
with 2 side Sunray Type splats on either side,
supported by a curved lower support rail. The seat
section, can be slid forward, to make it a very nice
comfotable Reclining Armchair. The seat section, has
been recovered at some time, and is still in good
condition, with no tears or holes, but is an easy
recover job if desired, as the whole seat and back
section, can be simple just lifted out. Overall it
is in good solid condition, with no movement in the
joints on the oak frame. It stands at its tallest
38 3/4 of an inch, and is 24 inches at its widest
at the front of the arms, and the seat depth measures
about 22 inches and the seat height of the floor
measures about 15 1/4 inches tall"

Because there wasn't an extra cost of delivery if we bought more from the same seller, we also got a lovely walnut bedside chest of drawers. I really like the simple lines of it and pieces of furniture like this are always handy as side tables, etc.

walnut cabinet

From the Ebay description:
"This is a nice design Art Deco Figured Walnut Bedside
cabinet, dating to around c1940. It is a nice design and
has a nice Grain to the Walnut Veneer. It has a single
door Cabinet below, and it has a single drawer above.
It still retains its original black Bakelite turned knob
handles with white centre insert. The bedside cabinet
stands on nice angles out legs / feet. It is in good
solid condition, with a few small nicks to the veneer
in places, and it has one small chip near the bottom
edge on the front, which has been filled in, and still
look fine overall. There is a little line stain marks to
one side, which blends in with the walnut grain, and
overall this is a great looking Art Deco Walnut Bedside
Cabinet. It stands 29 3/16 of an inch tall and is 15 3/4
of an inch wide, and is 13 inches deep".

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