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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Ebay: stove, chair, doors

We recently came by a few architectural salvage items which had the great benefit of being already in Australia:

An old oak framed armchair. I got it from Ebay even though it needs restoration as it shouldn't be TOO hard to do and it'll be a great chair for the verandah and a good partner for the oak chair we already have.

great old oak chair to restore

An old gas stove that Dad got, which we might use in the kitchen of the cottage.

more pics of progress in the life of Amherst 166

Some great old french doors, described on Ebay as "in good usable condition... combined width 972 height 2000, 35 thick... one door is 435 wide other 537 can be widened or cut to suit"

old french doors

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