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Saturday, February 11, 2006

new mudroom layout (still WIP)

A few days ago we got an email from Eric, with a sketch of a new idea for the mudroom incorporating the downstairs loo:

mudroom feb62006

This works better than the previous one because the loo area feels more self-contained. But unfortunately it still doesn't feel right.

I know we'll be using this loo a lot, and that visitors will too. I don't want the toilet area itself to feel like a cubicle in a corridor, not so cramped. I also know that the mudroom will become a dumping ground for 'mess' from Dave and for all that stuff that you have to put away but just can't face doing at that moment. This means the mudroom will live up to its messy name a lot of the time... but I don't want the mess visible every time you go to the loo! The sliding door will help but it also has the effect of making it feel very enclosed, and so I know most of the time we'll end up leaving the door open.

I'm wondering whether the solution is just to bite the bullet and accept that we need a bigger space in this wing. What if we moved over the 'secret garden' verandah by the width of the passage? Or, What if we stretched out that entire side of the house, getting extra space in the lounge as well as the library wing? Perhaps then we could even keep the same floor area in the library by nudging the boundary of the mudroom wall back a bit, thus getting us even more space for the mudroom/bathroom bit? That way maybe we could get that glorious cupboard back with space for all the cleaning junk, and get back to the lovely feel that it had before we started trying to squeeze in the loo.

I feel I'm being awfully fussy but I don't want to forever kick myself when I live there for not fixing it.

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