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Saturday, February 11, 2006

great scavenging finds (pt 2)

I was sure I'd posted this already but I can't find it... so here's a belated post about yet more of my Dad's wonderful finds from back in early December.

First, some glorious windows, which will probably end up being used in the renovations of the old cottage:

colonial windows

In Dad's words:
"They require some work to bring to good shape, but are sound. One is higher than the other. Where would you envision using these? I thought the lounge/kitchen but not side by side of course. They would work well with your large front window. I had to go to Healesville for the windows, but they were not to be missed. $50 each"

Next this fabulous door:

old large door

"The big door is oversized, solid timber 1 1/2 inches thick with panels that could be removed and have glass or leadlight panels. I thought you would have some notion of where to put it. It is an external door, but could be used on the door to the alcove if a large size is wanted there. A bit of a waste. I thought it would be great as a back door, opposite the large front door. Ideas wanted here as to best use of this great door. It is in excellent condition, and will stain beautifully if that is wanted. I got it from the same person as the windows for $30".
Finally some bathroom fittings, again destined for the old cottage:

brass fittings for bathroom

"I have solid brass old tap fittings and shower head that could be used in the shower or for the bath in the loft. I would go for the loft position. Not got the back plates or handles, but these could be complementary from another source. Let me know if you like them and if you want them. I was given them from the attic extension because the plumber Diana used wouldn't fit them to the handbasin she bought secondhand".

My Dad is wonderful.

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