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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

should we have a metal roof?

Last night we watched an episode of Grand Designs which featured a house in Devon with a copper roof. The house itself I didn't much like but they showed samples of how the copper would age over time. After a few months it would go a lovely mottled browny red, and after a few years it would start to take on a green patina. I can imagine it being gorgeous.

Which raised the question - should we consider having a metal roof other than the traditional 'colourbond' sheets? Copper is probably way too expensive for us but there might be other options... for example, this is an example of a house with metal shingles.
house with metal roof shingles

Besides the look, there are also apparently other benefits. According to this article, they last longer and are more fire resistant.


K said...

We have a Victorian pressed tin roof, and we love it. Of course it's a pain in the behind to find, and we have to replace a big section because a tree fell on it before we bought the house and was filled in with asphalt shingles.

Anonymous said...

I live in Oregon, and I've noticed a lot of dark red metal roofs lately, I think they look great!

Anonymous said...

I think it would take ages to do, cost more, weigh more – and would need more structure under it to support it (think each bit would need a batten so every 6 inches or so not every 18 inches etc so would take more time, cost more, weigh more there too) and that I would not be doing it. BUT – see your father first and Eric. Sorry to dampen something that looks good – but.. also not traditional Australian roof. Might look odd in the setting.