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Friday, December 02, 2005

the silence is broken!

I've been dreadful recently about posting to this blog. Over a month! That's my worst yet I think and I don't have any good excuse except that I got out of the habit. As per usual, it took the arrival of some new photos from my Dad to get me inspired to catch up.

Not too much has happened at the London-end in the past month besides a few more Ebay purchases, but there's been loads done by Dad. He's met with various people from the council with regards to getting planning & building permits, found a plumber to work with, saved the trees, had a brainwave about the bathroom layout, and got started with a draftsman to draw up plans for the old house! More on each of these in the following posts...

(nb: in case you're wondering, we're still working closely with Eric our architect. But, as the old house layout is relatively straightforward we all agreed it made sense to save our money to spend with Eric on the new house planning. So, Dad found a draftsman local to where he lives in Melbourne who's able to do the old house drawings a lot more cheaply than Eric would have had to charge).

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