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Friday, December 02, 2005

planning permit saga (part 1)

In order to start work properly on the old house (so Dad can get his building insurance, etc) we need to get permits in order. We need both a planning permit which will cover the whole site, generally, and a building permit to cover the repairs to the old house.

This is the saga so far:

Nov 4, email from Dad:
"I have talked to the local draftsman that I will be using for the
old place. He is in Great Ryrie Street and a nice fellow. I got a list
of measurements required of him for doing the drawings. Costs is ballpark
figure $900 to $1000, without seeing the place. He suggested that if an
existing drawing of the building was to be had from the council offices
that could save time. I must provide as well as various measurement,
photos from all sides, copy of title, location of building on land, and
the owners name, and details of address of the proposed work".

Nov 9, extracts from Dad's email:
"I have an appt with the building surveyor in Maryborough tomorrow
at 1100.... A planning permit is needed for the old house as the original
one has expired long ago. That won't take a long time the surveyor said,
but is needed... I will try to call Eric soon and see if he is ready for
planning permit only, not building permit as we cannot begin the new
building yet. But there may be difficulties if down the track the plans
he is making for the old building fitting in with the courtyard entity
of the new and this not being acceptable to the council."

Nov 11, extracts from Dad's email:
"I have very good news. There was a permit back in 1985 for restoring
the house. I looked at photos and a lot of stuff on the old house where
it was in Williamstown. It was to have been placed 20 metres from the
top fence with the lounge facing down hill. I have the plans drawn at
the time for me to use to show the draftsman here before he starts his
plans. The building surveyor will have copies of everything left in the
file made and post them to me, but gave me the copies of the plans and
an aerial photo of the house as it sits on the block which shows clearly
the dam, the forest around and present position of the house. ... We
need to supply a copy of the plans Eric has that will show clearly what
is intended for the overall in the future. This is because we are
required to obtain a fresh planning permit as well as a building

Nov 12, more news from Dad:
"I have met with the draftsman just to show him what I had obtained
from the council. I will put measurements to the plans of the old house
and give that to him for drawing the building plans. He will consult
with an associate to sortout the 5-star energy rating design features
required now for passing a planning permit under the Brack's government's
new rules. Having perimeter verandas is one, and reducing glare to
windows. Using less window area but enough for light is another. The
high ceiling is a big bonus I think. I have to study the material
sent some time ago by the building control commission that I gave only
a quick look at when I got it. Insulation of walls and floor and
ceiling is another. Solar supplement for heating hot water, and use of
combustion stove for cooking, heating, and hotwater heating another.
Careful use of water and storage in tanks may not help as it is not
serviced by community water. We will plumb the two toilet cisterns
from the olive tree tank so potable water isn't being used for that
purpose. The septic system will also be helpful in dispersing water
back to pasture.... Am sending in post several contracts. One is for
the new house when you get to getting a permit for that. The
specification will apply to both, and the renovations one or the cost
plus one is for now. Read them over an see which one you want to apply
to this project... Will also include drawing of the old house with new
dimensions... I will take tidied up dimensions on a copy of old plans
to Alan (draftsman) on Weds...I have to pay fees for permit first. I
think he said about $6-700 depending on contract value, plus fees for
planning permit and sewage permit.

After getting Dad's emails I'd also got in touch with Eric just to doublecheck the approach and make sure we weren't going to inadvertantly create problems in future.

Nov 14, Eric's reply about planning permit:
"Some shires are fussier than others about how much information
they want with planning permits. I would expect that the main reason
for needing one for this project is for the septic system. However,
they still often want detail about the actual building design. Things
like overall plan dimensions, heights, external materials and colours.
It's worth checking with the shire before putting it all together,
though. For this planning permit, perhaps both buildings could be shown,
but the new house, sheds etc could be indicated with outlines and
labelled "detail to be supplied" or something like that"

Nov 28, email from Dad: "I just posted by express post the permit applications for your signature... I have started the 2 yr building permit for 25 March 2006 to 25 March 2008.

Dec 1st, email from Dad:
"Alan the draftsman has made a start, and aims to have plans ready
for you to look over before Christmas, but will do a first draft for
you to look over before proceeding to final draft"

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