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Friday, December 02, 2005

now it's a 2 storey bathroom

Dad came up with an interesting idea for the bathroom in the old cottage. I still find it a little hard to imagine, so am looking forward to seeing the drawings, but I think it will be really good.

Just to recap, this is where things stood, as of end-October, for the old cottage floorplan. Note the bathroom on the right hand side with the bay window:
Existing house plan - cottage (revised Aug)

Then on Nov 10th we got an email from Dad:
"I want you to consider if you would allow me to build the bathroom
below with a baywindow, but rectangular bay as you described, and along
one wall below create wooden steps winding around to a lofe that rests
on the built-in robes below, with an all glass roof above. Bathroom
below has the vanity set in the bay, the toilet (one of the toilets),
and the shower with surround of some description. If you have seen
the colourbond lined bathrooms with stain-wooden trim and plaster,
painted above the dado line, you would know the look I would like to
create, using a small ripple colourbond. The high ceiling space lends
itself well to this creation. I have the glass for the roofspace I

After discussing with Dave, I replied saying, basically, to go ahead!
"We haven't seen the colourbond lined bathrooms you talk about, but
from your description I imagine it could look really nice... not too
modern, still heritage, but interesting. I can imagine perhaps using
a section of colourbond for a showerscreen too... Assuming that the
bath is in a loft space on top of the wardrobe (in the other room)
that you access via steps... the more I think about it, the more I
can see this could be lovely. The only thing is I think it would be
safest to have some space around it to stand, dry off, etc before you
went down the steps. Otherwise I can imagine it might be quite
slippery & dangerous climbing down as you'll be pretty high up if
it's on top of the BIR's. I love the idea of it having a glass roof
over, it'll create a similar effect to what I was envisioning with
having the bath in the bay window".

On Nov 12th Dad replied:
"will sketch the loft bath, which will have a rather large area of
decking and have hand rails all the way up the stairs and around the
landing. The deck will grand a portion of the bathroom below with a 7'
ceiling bulkhead, but the atrium of the stairs will afford a complet use
of the overhead glass roof. I have a 1200x1200 piece of table glass 1/2"
thick that will be the edge of the shower base with two walls of
colourbond for the other. In the areas not affected by wet, the cladding
below the daddo trim will be selected old palings, with plaster painted
wall above the daddo trim. Will look great if you like the heritage
look. Tiles over the handbasin in the bay window of course, and
tiles on the floor. Or slate. You can input that as I don't have
anything except some cream sandstone tiles that I could use, but which
could clash with the overall look. Will photo these and let you

So, that's where it's at, to date. We're now waiting on the drawings to get a proper idea of what it will look like.

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