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Saturday, September 17, 2005

we're on hiatus

As you may have guessed from the lapse of time between posts, our work on the Amherst house has reached a lull point. Mostly, this is because my Mum is visiting us in London, so we don't have as much spare time. But also, I have another side project on the go - precipitated by Mum's arrival, as she's helping - which is to digitise all the old family videos & slides. So, for the next few months probably, posts to this blog will be more sporadic than usual.

On a plus side though... Dad has learnt how to use Flickr! Which means he's hopefully going to be sending me lots more photos of Amherst progress as it happens. He's planning to work up there for around 3-4 days every month, focusing on the old house. At the moment though, he's getting lots of other contract work so he's taking that while it's available.

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