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Friday, September 02, 2005

photos of lemon gums

We got back from Australia two days ago & have new photos of Amherst.

The most exciting thing for me is that it is green! A gorgeous lovely deep green colour I feared it would never achieve given what a dry area it's in. I'm now reassured that - at least for a few months of the year - we'll be able to get it looking like I've dreamed.

view of dam & driveway trees

The trees are also doing very well. Given how cold it's been we were worried they might struggle, especially the lemon gums. But, they've made it and they've grown an amazing amount considering it's only been around 10 months since we planted them.

Here's what the lemon gums look like now...
closeup of gumtree aug 2005

...and just as a reminder, here's what they looked like when we planted them in October 2004. The tree was so small and thin, you could barely see it!
024finished tree with irrigation pipes

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