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Sunday, September 18, 2005

inspiration from Cute Little Farmhouse

Another blog I read today is an old favourite, Cute Little Farmhouse. I'm glad I did as it's given me lots of inspiration.

First, their porch posts. In fact, I must have a thing for out-of-the-ordinary porch posts, as I fell in love with these ones at Hillsdale House too. Here's a picture of the ones at Cute Little Farmhouse, midway through - they ended up painting the base part white. But, I really like them at this point where you have the contrast & natural tones. It made me think, it might be a nice way to tie in some of the verandah areas at Amherst with the garden, where I'm hopefully going to have some brick paving and wall columns:
interesting verandah posts

You can see the painted version & their full description at the Cute Little Farmhouse blogpost.

Second, a while back (but I'm way behind in reading!) they found an utterly magical house which seems like it has been abandoned. Seeing it makes me want to move to Iowa and rescue it. I had no idea they had houses like this in the US too. It reminds me a lot of the ones in Tallinn. Their original post is here, but I liked it so much I made a kind of photo-collage for my 'Amherst inspiration' file.
iowa old house collage

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Becky said...

Thanks for the shout out! Yes Iowa seems to be covered in these decaying old farm houses. What's sad is when the owner tears the building site down for more farmable acres.