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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Ebay win: the teddybear chair!

I'd forgotten I'd put a bid in on this until we got the email tonight to say we'd won. Which is really cool, as there's just something about this chair that appeals & I'd put in a low-ball bid just on the off-chance. Of course, it's yet another 'project' but hey, it gives us a chance to learn & practice upholstery!

teddybear chair
Originally uploaded by lynetter.

I really hate the fabric on it currently, but I'm sure I'll be able to find some eventually (I don't think any of my earlier finds will work for it, sadly)

The legs will take some work too, but Dave has managed miracles with other conversions, like the 'piano-to-filing-cabinet', so I'm sure we'll be able to fix the wood scratches.

According to the Ebay description:
"Lovely Arts and Crafts mahogany armchair possibly by Liberty c1900 in need of restoration. A most unusual chair, that has been in dry storage for many years. There is some damage on the left leg, and a wobble to the left arm. Two finials are missing from the top of the arms, some fine boxwood inlay is also missing from the front legs. It also needs reupholstering. Height 44" Width 24" Depth 24" "


Anonymous said...

What a funky cool chair! There are lots of great upholstery books out there, but I have found that the best way to learn how to upholster each piece is to UNupholster it.


K said...

Cute! I kinda want to try my hand at upholstery, too, but I have SO MANY projects going already.