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Saturday, August 13, 2005

A tour of Standen

A few weekends ago we visited Standen, an amazing Arts & Crafts era country house designed by Philip Webb in Sussex, England and now run by the National Trust.


It’s a wonderful place with the kind of proportions and detailing that just feel right to be in. In decoration it’s also the closest I’ve come across so far to the styling I’d like at Amherst. Some of my favourite parts were the built-in's, the panelled walls and alcoves - but most of all, the "living hall" - kind of like a big room with fireplace etc that functions both to join various rooms together as a hall would, but also works as a proper room.

I've put together a photo-set at Flickr with all the pictures we took, plus a bunch of others scanned in from various books (because they didn't like you taking pictures inside - although we managed to sneak a few!) To help it make more sense, I've attempted to code roughly where each picture is taken from on the floorplans & garden map.

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