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Saturday, August 13, 2005

It's very cold at Amherst

From Mum's email:
"It has been below zero since 8pm on the 9th Aug at Lookout Hill, which is near Ballarat and Talbot, sort of. It is always colder than Ballarat. Below zero all day yesterday takes some beating ... At 1.30 pm today it reached a high of 0.7C"

We're very worried about the lemon gum trees - the ones we planted to line the driveway. We were told they were quite susceptible to frost when young so had been praying for mild winters; instead it's been the coldest winter for 50 years.

Update: We've since found out that the gum trees survived! The shelters that we built to protect them from kangaroos and the hot sun seem to have helped stop frost too. Especially the shadecloth on the top, I think. Apparently, only around 2-3 of the smallest trees were hit hard by the frost - these were a few months younger than the others as Dave's parents had planted them as replacements for ones which hadn't thrived from the first planting. But, even these appear to be making a comeback... so, fingers crossed, they'll all make it.

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