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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Ebay win: Oak & Burr Elm Sideboard

Yay, we just won this on a second-chance offer as the guy who won originally wasn't able to fit it through his hallway.


I'm being really picky in bidding on furniture these days as we have several years yet before we'll be moving. But, Dave agrees, it's better to buy things now as we see them that we adore, so by the time we move we not only have spread the cost but have a house full of furniture we love. This kind of thing doesn't come up for sale very often & certainly not usually at prices I'm willing to pay so it's worth the hassle of storing & shipment.

This is the description from the ebay listing:
"ARTS AND CRAFTS OAK AND BURR ELM BUFFET SERVER, c1890. This has to be the ultimate in Arts and Crafts buffets. This wonderful piece of furniture would have cost an absolute fortune to make using the beautiful burr elm and the character pippy oak. This buffet has a shallow back panel with a stepped shelf, fitted with a deep drawer and pewter ring handles. The base comprises of 2 arched panelled doors with matching pewter ring handles on an open base with stretchers. The richness of the colour of this piece is magnificent.The length is 66ins x 66ins high x 26ins depth. The condition is wonderful and it is very sturdy and heavy"

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