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Sunday, July 10, 2005

we're starting

My Dad is a builder - he specialises in carpentry but can pretty much turn his hand to anything construction-related. In recent years though he's worked most of his time at other jobs. However, he's still a registered builder, and discovered last week that to keep his license he needs to have an active project underway. Hence, Dad has asked if he could work on repairing the old house at Amherst, and we've agreed.

We were always intending to involve Dad, but the plan had been to wait till we were living there so we could help and do a lot of it ourselves. Not just to cut down on the costs, but also for the emotional aspect of wanting to be involved. We were also thinking that repairing the old house would be a second phase project rather than the very first thing we do!

Progress will be gradual, at this stage it looks like Dad will spend around 1 weekend a month there. But it means that we'll be able to move faster on protecting the house from deteriorating further. And it's nice to be starting!

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