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Sunday, July 24, 2005

our new perennial bed

As we've got an allotment now, we don't need to allow space in our back garden for vegetables. So, we converted last years tomato bed into a perennial border, with me attempting to put into practice some of what I learned from my research.

We planted this a fortnight ago so it's looking even better now as a lot of nasturtiums self-seeded themselves amidst it. This photo shows the view from the back door looking down the left side of the garden. The C's bed is in the middle. We keep them on bark chippings which, when mixed with their manure, turns into great compost.

london backyard in early july
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This is a closeup of the new bed. If you click on it it'll bring up a bigger view with details of the plants we used.
new perennial bed

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Jocelyn said...

I LOVE love it! That is just the kind of garden style I love. Everything looks so green too- we've been in a drought here :)