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Sunday, July 10, 2005

London bombs

So it has been an eventful few days. We always knew London was a terrorist target and were expecting something bad would happen, someday, but it was still a huge shock when it did. Especially as it happened at tube stations that I use... I was really lucky and running late for work so didn't get caught up in it, but it's just terrible.

Now everyone is shaken up, giving suspicious looks to anyone who carries a big bag onto the tube(!), but there's nothing you can do except go about life as normal... to do anything else means "they've" won. I tell myself the chances of getting blown up in a terrorist attack are less than the chances of getting killed in a car accident, but it still gives you a funny feeling to think about.

I didn't feel like posting or thinking about the house over the past few days so excuse my silence. We went to my Aunt's for the weekend on the Isle of Wight, just to get out of London. We got back this afternoon and got an email from my Dad to discover - unexpectedly - that we're embarking on a whole new phase of work at Amherst. The "old house" is being repaired! It's the reverse of the order we were planning to do things in, but hey you have to roll with the punches... more in the next post.


Jocelyn said...

Hang in there. I remember after 9/11 a dark cloud was hanging for quite a while. At the time I worked for Reuters and we lost many clients in the Trade Center- no one I knew personally- but I was only one person removed from people who did know them. I also worked downtown Chicago right across from the Sears Tower (terrorist target)and people were very nervous.

It will pass. You have my sympathy and prayers. Feel free to take me with you in spirit when you commute. Best, Jocelyn

jm@houseinprogress said...

Lynette--So good to hear that you and yours are safe. Be very, very good to yourself...you have our full support from over here in Chicago. Someday, I hope to even be able to offer a guest room to crash in if you ever want to get away....someday.

Lynette said...

Thanks very much for the thoughts guys.

JM, be very careful offering guestrooms to Australians, we tend to travel! :-) Seriously though, if I ever find myself in Chicago vicinity I shall look you all up to say hello. I've only been to Chicago once, many years ago when a friend was studying there. My main memories are of rollerblading round the lake, going to a wonderful dodgy blues club where the old guys escorted us from the door to the cab as they said it wasn't safe even to walk a short distance in that neighbourhood (given our appearance) and the Science Museum! But I'm sure there is loads more to see. And of course, if you are ever in London please let us know, you're welcome to crash on our sofa. :-)