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Sunday, July 03, 2005

I'm collecting fabric

I don't think I've mentioned this on the blog yet, but Mum said she'd like to see pictures... so figured I may as well blog them and she can look here! Collecting fabric is only something I've been doing occasionally, but it got a real boost when I went to Liberty's sale during the week. For those who don't know, Liberty's is my favourite store in London.

Sidenote: For those who remember this post, I confess I took a peek at their Arts&Crafts exhibition while I was there. Luckily all the things I'd picked out from the catalogue were sold so I didn't have to fight the temptation to splurge! What was left was 30% off, but frankly, 30% off £3000 for an armchair still leaves it far out of reach.

Back to the fabric... I'm really fussy about fabric patterns. So, given that we're going to eventually have to fit out the Amherst house with curtains, cushions, upholstered chairs, etc I figured I may as well start collecting fabric that I like as I can't rely on being able to always find it (or afford it). I'm being good and only buying remnants in practical lengths (at least 2-3m) and only when they're cheap.

Designers Guild are one of my favourite designers for bedlinen and they also do fabric collections. They're one of the few fabric makers that I almost always can find something I like from. Liberty have a mini-Designer's Guild shop in their fabric department and they had a load of remnants on sale, almost all from the "China Rose" pattern. Here are pictures of some of the fabric that I bought:

Designer's Guild - China Rose "Leilani" pink
I have around 12m of this now, in varying lengths. It cost me just under £60 for the entire lot, ie: around £5 per metre. Considering the full retail price of this is upwards of £30 per metre that's not bad! All are 1.37m wide and then I have sections which are 2.8m, 2.4m, 2.3m, 2.1m, 1.6m and 1.2m. This should be enough to make several sets of blinds or even a set of long hanging curtains if I get creative on joining two pieces together. Any leftover pieces will be great for cushions or even the backs of chairs, like in this picture which shows the same fabric as mine just in the blue colourway instead of pink. Besides giving an idea of how it might work in a room, this shows the scale of the pattern... the flowers are giant! It is a heavyweight cotton so you can use it for all kinds of upholstery.

Designers Guild - China Rose "Collerette" - blue
I have only one section of this, sized 3m x 1.37. I got it because I thought it might be cute for a blind in the laundry or somewhere similar, it's just so cheery with the daisies and an unusual mix of colours. It's also heavyweight but a mix of cotton and linen.

Designers Guild - China Rose "Verbena" - orange/red
I have 2.4m, 1.9m, 1.3m and 0.9m lengths of this, all 1.37m wide. It is linen and only medium-weight but still fine for cushion covers. I got it because with the sunny colours I could see it might work well as covers for seat cushions on benches or outdoor chairs. Suitably reinforced with a heavy calico on the back, it could also be great for old-fashioned style deckchairs.

Fifth Avenue designs for Covington - "Wild Orchid"
I have 3m of this by 1.4m wide. It was a mad Ebay purchase but I bought it because it was one of the few "chintz" fabrics that I like. Often chintz is just a bit too sugary for me, but it seemed in keeping with the period of our house that we have at least a few hints of it! I wouldn't want this everywhere, but I thought it could be really effective as cushions, in a room with cream furnishings. Which we will most likely have as two of the armchairs and one of the sofa's we have in London are upholstered in wonderful soft cord cream and we'll definitely bring them back with us. (The cream upholstery is more practical than you'd think as we chose custom-fitted but removeable covers so you can just throw them in the washing machine!)

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