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Sunday, July 03, 2005

getting hit by the gardening bug

Just stumbled across this description which I just had to laugh at because she could have been describing me!:
"When you start watching gardening programmes (especially the relatively staid Gardener's World), you know that you're getting older. I don't even have a garden (just a rather small balcony), but I hit 30 and found myself starting to take an unhealthy interest in garden centres and not changing channels when the gardening programmes came on. It's a mystery, but as far as I can tell, it's an inevitable part of the aging process. Like wanting to wear slippers, and thinking the music's too loud, the gardening gene gets activated at a certain age and there's nothing you can do about it... Be on your guard - the gardening gene can strike unexpectedly at any moment. One minute you’ll be thinking about going to the pub with your mates, and the next you’ll find yourself looking at an azalea and wondering if you can take a cutting".

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Scott in Washington said...

"the gardening gene can strike unexpectedly at any moment"

There is no way you can know how many times this spring I have been down on my hands and knees in the garden, wondering why at 31 I am reclaiming the garden my dad started in his early thirties, why I'm taking running at the same age he did, why we had our son at the same exact age they did... the list goes on. What ever happened to not growing up and turning into your parents? Or for that matter just not getting old and cranky? Last night I was in full crank at the kids lighting off fireworks down the street.