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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

floorplan rethink #2

We've got a totally different idea for the floorplan now. It isn't as economical as the first in that it would need some serious conversion to get from the cottage to the B&B layout. But, the cottage would be a whole lot nicer to live in. The previous one risked being a bit pokey.

This factors in the advice we got from Eric: "I have a real affinity to living areas on the sunny / view side as well as opening it up slightly. I believe that we want to keep the character of the old house, but wonder if we can do that while still opening it up a little. The separate rooms (ie for the dining and kitchen) make me a bit nervous"

Here's the new cottage floorplan layout. (To make it larger, click then select "see different sizes" in the right hand menu to view the original size)

old house floorplan2 - cottage

It has a bigger verandah (Dad suggested this would be good to help protect the weatherboards). Also, the bedroom and bathroom are a lot larger, and the lounge is now at the front of the house with the best view. The kitchen is still tiny but better than the first version because it's got more space by virtue of being merged with the dining room. What's been sacrificed is the study (now just tiny); the laundry (now literally just in a cupboard in the corner of the kitchen); and storage.

This would be the longer-term B&B version. The most change happens to the back left side of the house.
old house floorplan2 - longterm

The main changes are that all the bathrooms are bigger, and there is now a proper "kids room" (the former study) rather than just bunkbeds in a cupboard! Each room also has its own outside verandah area. The dining room is also bigger. What's been sacrificed is the lounge area - but I figure having the outside space makes up for that.

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