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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

another floorplan... suggested by Dad

Dad has had a go at coming up with a layout for the old house floorplan with the idea of making it as low cost to build as possible. He has just the one version that could work as a cottage or B&B.

Here's his initial take on it, which is as he drew except I've added in furniture so I could better envisage the layout:
dads plan with furniture
(as before, click and then select different sizes in right menu to view it bigger)

I like the idea of having it so that it would be an easy conversion, but there's some things I don't like. For instance, I don't like the bathrooms, because they're internal they wouldn't get natural light unless you left the door open - and even then, not much. I know you can vent them etc but still, I just much prefer bathrooms that have windows.

I don't like how you can only access the toilet going via a bedroom. This is OK for when it's B&B but not so good for the cottage incarnation. There's no space for a washing machine either, although we could easily use one of the ensuites for that I guess.

I don't like how you're boxed in when you enter the house - the first thing you see is a wall! Similarly the lounge and kitchen feel smaller than in other layouts, I'm guessing because they're enclosed.

So, I had a go at tweaking Dad's plan - building on his wall placements but opening it up a little, without making (hopefully) any significant structural change. Here's the best I came up with:

dads plan tweaked

The differences are:

1) the bathrooms have got full glass french doors on them which you can open wide ... this would help to stop them feeling claustrophobic and bring in some natural light. The downside of this though is that it wouldn't feel as private as if it were a clearly distinct separate room.

2) by taking out some of the dividing walls between the lounge, hall and kitchen it makes it feel more open. It's still smaller though, I couldn't work out how to put two sofas in the lounge without it feeling cramped.

3) I've added in the verandah

Even with these changes though, we still prefer the previous floorplan version - although this is with no regard for costs(!) But I feel like this floorplan tweaking could go on forever. How do you know when you've got it right?

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