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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

and some planes came flying by...

A really cool thing just happened which I wanted to share, even though it's nothing to do with Amherst. A whole lot of planes in formation just flew past my office window churning out coloured smoke in red, white & blue (UK flag colours) as a celebration for London having won the Olympics! It happened only a few minutes after the news was announced so they must have been in the air, waiting.

I like it when unexpected things like this happen, it brightens up the day. The last time something like this happened was for the Queen Mum's funeral when some old Lancaster Bombers and Spitfires did a big fly-by in honour. I found out later it was the first time they'd flown low over London since the Blitz and the Lancaster was the last of it's kind in flying condition, so quite poignant. They did several laps and on one they flew low between my building and next door so I got a really close, almost eye-level view and could hear the distinctive roar brrmmmm-ing sound of the motor... it was oddly familiar, I guess from watching old movies!

Anyway, there'll be a lot of celebration in London today I think... mostly for the fact of won the Olympics, but also because it's the best revenge possible against Chirac for his recent uncalled-for and just plain wrong rudeness and insults.

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Jocelyn said...

It's pretty amazing that someone who is supposed to be a diplomat would be so undiplomatic and insulting. I think most people are on your side on this one.

congrats on the Olympics- I have family in Reading, which begs the question to attend or not to attend...