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Monday, June 13, 2005

water saving showers

I just came across these cool showerheads thanks to the Treehugger site and thought I'd blog it as we'll definitely need them for Amherst. We won't have mains water connection so will be reliant on all the water we can catch from rainfall. I've always disliked those showerheads that have only a few holes and dribble out water no matter how economical they are. So this looks really cool, seems like it'd give the effect of those watering-can like showerheads but without using the water! A conventional showerhead uses 25 litres per minute apparently, this uses 8.8 litres per minute if you have both showerheads going or 4.4 if it's just the one. They achieve it by aerating the water to give the same feel of water volume even though it's using less water.

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Steve said...

I have a thing about shower heads too. I know those shower heads with a few small holes -- its like being squirted with a water pistol.

Being reliant on tank-water means you will have to assert some self-control when it comes to standing in the shower too long.

Unfortunately, I want to fit our shower with one of those old-style dinner-plate-size shower heads. I am not sure if we will get an occupancy certificate these days with such a shower head.

We too are collecting rainwater for use in the home, but we have the luxury of mains-water if we run out.