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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

plans for the garden

We're talking to Eric, our architect, in a few days to go through everything one last time before he goes away to work on (what is hopefully) the final footprint for the house. In advance of that we've tried to catch up on everything... here is the last outstanding thing, which are our comments on the garden outline from Prue. Prue is a garden designer who's helping us, because I figure we don't have time or money to make big mistakes... trees take too long to grow! We're still at the very skeletal stage at the moment in the garden design but it's good to be thinking about it now because it influences the views from the house. Everything is so closely connected at this stage. Anyway, if you fancy taking a look, here's a link to download it. It includes scans of Prue's outline design as well as our thoughts.

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