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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

fixing a window using Sculpwood

I just had to post about this because it was so amazing. I had no idea that this was possible; I'd have thought you'd need to replace the entire bottom section of wood! I can see we'll be using this on some of the old windows at Amherst.

By the way, I found this on the EnonHall website... at first I tried to link directly to their entry about this but I couldn't figure out how. So instead this will take you to their journal area then you just have to select May 2005 then scroll down a long way to May 17... Also I found there is some more information in their forum area about window repair - with luck this will take you there

before after window fixing
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Anonymous said...

Hi Lynette -

Thanks for the links!

Actually, your "after" photo is more of the "work in progress" photo." The real "after" photo can be found at: