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Thursday, May 26, 2005

yay, we won! amazing stained glass

We so very nearly didn't bid on these because we're supposed to be saving money (to help out in a family emergency) but in the end they're so special and unique, and we both loved them so much that we couldn't resist. We'll just have to eat rice & beans for the next month to make up for it!

I'm so happy we got them and can't wait to see them in real life. We trust that they'll be as good if not better than described though 'cos they're coming from the same people we bought the wonderful Arts&Crafts stair railing last year. Ultimately they'll be destined for Amherst somewhere but I think I'm going to try and use them here in London too, even if it's just leaning up against the windows we have already.

Here's some pictures, and below is the description from the auction listing.

Originally uploaded by lynetter.

Originally uploaded by lynetter.

"This auction is for 7 original 19th century Arts and Crafts hand painted stained glass leaded panels each measuring 11 x 10 inches. We have placed these in the order they appear to be in, symmetrical with the enameling all on the same side, (but does not look quite right, perhaps originally this was much bigger or in 2 parts or like), no matter - the absolute stunning original design and quality make these worth the restoration. The design has a border of a red & clear glass stripe all the way around the outside. There are 5 large stylized flowers (sunflowers with big seed heads and narrow petals?). These flowers seem to grow out of Acanthus leaves against a blue background. The flower heads, petals and leaves have all been hand painted with great detail. All glass is thick and heavy with an irregular texture, lots of ripples and little bubbles, fantastic depth of colours (we have photographed with light behind to illuminate). The lead work is all original and pretty much solid, with the exception of the lower right corner panel. Please see below for a concise list of condition. We have been advised that these have a baked on enamel decoration and date c1880. They are in the style of William De Morgan, William Morris, Mackintosh, the leading designers of the day. These are very unusual and it would not be surprising if these are actually by a prominent maker ...

This glass does have some cracks, most of which are not so noticeable but we have decided to highlight everything! Please keep in mind there are a total of 208 pieces of glass present. The top right hand corner panel is absent. Although these panels have been wiped over we have not attempted to clean thoroughly, there are some paint spots to the glass and the leadwork (green), that will need removing - this shows up as dark patches against the glass. Only 1 seed head has slight chipping to the edge which appears to have been done when cut. Out of all the flower petals only the top left corner panel (1 hairline) and the upper middle right hand panel (2 hairlines) have small fractures. Painted leaves: Top left corner panel (2 hairlines), Upper middle left panel (1), lower middle right (1), and from the two bottom panels that have many more leaves: The left hand has 2 out of 11 leaves have hairlines, and the right hand panel has 3 out of 9 damaged – also missing two small leaves on the left (see photo). Plain Blue Glass: Top left corner (3), Upper middle left (1), Lower Middle right (1), Lower left 1 out of 4 with hairlines, and lower right 2 out of 4. From the entire border we have counted 7 hairlines to the little red panels and 8 to the clear glass panels. ALL PANELS ARE EXTREMELY SOLID AND STRONG with the exception of the lower right hand corner panel; it has lost some of its edging lead work and is a little fragile as can be seen in the pictures.


Greg said...

Those are really spectacular! Congratulations on being the winning bidder. I know that feeling well.

Deb said...

wow! those are beau-ti-ful! makes me want to make my own copies! congratulations!!!