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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

update on trees

From an email from Mum on May 7th: "Dad said all well, a few leaves burnt off - I think they had a frost a week or so ago. It was cold here, and -1 at Coldstream so I would guess it was colder up there. Still they have survived that OK. Some are now high enough to be about reaching the top of the enclosures. That is what Dad says - they were moving along nicely when I last saw them but not that high. Still it is a while since I went up there"

I can't wait to get the photos. Dad has taken lots and he has managed to get them off the digital camera and onto his computer... now he just has to do the last step and upload them! He's doing really well to learn how to do all this computer stuff considering he's only been online for around a year.

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