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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

a quick update from Greece

So now I'm in Athens... I'm here for a work conference till the weekend so unfortunately not expecting to get to see much other than the inside of a hotel ballroom. So unlikely to get more inspirations for the house - although, based on what I saw from the taxi on the way from the airport I don't think the buildings here are really my style anyway...there's an awful lot of concrete! Still, I can't complain, I'm looking out the hotel window and can see the Acropolis all lit up and it is beautiful.

I'm not going to be able to post properly again till the weekend when I get back to London, but wanted to say thanks to people who've commented on my posts. I really appreciate it and there has been some really helpful input, so thank you. Also a special thanks to jm who told me about Vincent and Ingrid's blog... it turns out they're similarly in the throes of planning to build their dream house, except that theirs is in Estonia! I saw jm's comment while still in Tallinn and got in touch with them. Unfortunately Vincent was working in Finland but Ingrid was around and we met up for coffee and chocolate on our last night in Tallin and had a wonderful chat comparing notes. The world is getting to be a really small place. :-)

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