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Saturday, May 21, 2005

the dream radiator

Actually Dave found this, not me, and he fell in love with it on sight as did I. It's more like a work of art than a radiator. It's made of concrete and apparently functions even better than a normal one in terms of heating (you run hot water through it... this is the most common form of heating in Europe, although it's not very common in Australia yet).

radiator by joris laarman
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I don't yet know how much it costs but I've sent some emails to try and find out. It was created by a guy called Joris Laarman in the Netherlands as part of his graduation project and then put into production by DroogDesign, an ultra-hip so-trendy-it-hurts design house. You can see more details at Joris's site and also an interview with him here

UPDATE: you'll never believe it but just as I finished writing this and was about to hit Post, an email reply arrived from Joris himself! Turns out he's in the process of making an affordable line of them. It's still at prototype stage so might take a while to arrive but WOOHOO!! it means we'll be able to have one for Amherst! It's going to be so cool, I'm going to plan in wallspace for it in the bathroom right now.

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Jocelyn said...

That is one beautiful radiator. And what a space saver. Of course, they thought of that in Europe. In the US, they tend to make everything bigger ala SUVs not always better! Oops, I am sounding like an ex-patriot of something...

Thanks for showing it- never saw one like it before,