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Monday, April 04, 2005

more snippets on the hobbit hole

just wanted to jot this down for future posterity... I love all Dad's dreamings about the "hobbit hole"! (This is his name for the rammed earth /stone holiday cottage he's building on the steep hill at the far corner of our property)

He writes:
"I have bought the two tanks for the hobbithole, and by the time you come again it will be a pretty comfortable abode for short stays. Making a shower room is one of the plans, using the old firestove of Mum's for heating water and warmth. This will later be used as a sauna. There will be a baker's oven in the hobbithole to heat it and to cook on and to heat water. But that is a long way off".

I've bought him a digital camera as a present so now it will be a lot easier for him to take photos. I feel like I haven't seen anything of what's been happening there for ages!

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