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Sunday, March 20, 2005

unusual products

Various things that I thought might come in handy for future reference:

Brume make easy-peel window film in a range of designs that looks just like etched glass. I can imagine it would work brilliantly for kitchen cupboard doors or bathrooms... House goggles offer a similar service

Hang it All can convert photographs into great canvas images in frames. They can even add effects, like watercolour, or create a montage. I think this would work really well with some of my favourite garden pictures perhaps

Gel fireplaces look like real fireplaces and give off heat, but it is burning from a gel rather than gas or wood. It means they can be hung on the wall(!) and don't need flues. Also you can get fire gel baskets to use in traditional style fireplaces

Toffshop sells old fashioned fabric like hessian, calico and deckchair material cheaply. Their site seems to be down at the moment but the phone number is 020 87788049. Might be worth getting some lovely striped fabric for deckchairs?

According to the Evening Standard article, Zaida crafts will make woollen rugs to custom designs. They also apparently sell cheap but top quality persian carpets


Anonymous said...

Hi, I stumbled across a company called window film factory. They allow people to submit their own designs, and have them custom cut.

Anonymous said...

you can try any supplier of solar film, although http://www.windowfilmfactory.com/ seams to cover residential requests. Good Luck