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Sunday, March 20, 2005

more arkhangelsk wooden houses

I just finished watching a new BBC drama called "Archangel", which unsurprisingly enough had a lot of the story set in Archangel in Northern Russia. (This is the region that our wooden chests come from). It made me curious to see whether any of it was filmed on location, as they showed several wooden houses. According to the BBC website that part was filmed in Riga Latvia, so obviously there are nice wooden houses there too! But, in the process of searching I came across some more pictures of wooden houses in Archangel:
another archangel house

The site this is from gives a kind of city tour here, it makes me want to visit it just to experience the vastness especially in winter.

This is from this site which has lots of photos of russian buildings and landscape. I'm pretty sure this is in Archangel because I read about it at another site, it's the HQ of an old timber factory

Here is a link to view pictures from a 2004 visit to Archangel's Malye Karely = open air wooden architecture museum.

Timmest is a fantastic site by a guy living in Timme Street in Arkhangelsk! It tells you a lot about the city as it stands currently including a little about the wooden houses, which are in a league of their own in terms of charm. Here's a picture:
another archangel wooden house

Extract from the Timmest site: "Arkhangelsk is a mixture of faceless blocks and slummy wooden houses. Nevertheless there are some streets being able to tell interesting stories of the old city. First of all it is the Chumbarovo-Luchinskogo street... now it is like a country road, without a hard covering. There are too much mud there, but houses standing in the street are beautiful!. Most of them are wooden, some are really old and others are built in the style and the spirit of the pre-Revolutionary times. Also there is the wooden pavement (mostki).

Pomorskaya street has some old private residence too. There are museums in the most of them. The Museum of Stepan Pisahov (a northern story-teller and an artist), The Museum of an art familiarization of Arctic and The Museum —Country-seat. There are two nice little side-streets nearby. It is the Teatral'nyj side-street and Bankovskij side-street ...There are some remarkable buildings. They are destroyed a little, you know, the Time is cruel and there are no money as usual. It's Russia :)".

There is lots more at the site so if you're interested go have a look - here is the link

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