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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Ebay win: more windows!

This morning we got an amazing bargain on Ebay, well I think so anyway. I nearly didn't even bid because the photos weren't very clear, but then decided to take a gamble as it was only an hour's drive away. Fortunately, no-one else bid against me so I got them for the asking price... It is 3 windows, all in pretty good condition, a few minor cracks in the glass but barely noticeable, and the leadwork is all in good nick. The person selling said they were all part of a set but I think only the two big ones are. The other is from the top of an old door and seems of quite a different scene... I don't mind the door window, but it's the other two that I adore. They're big; the glass sections are approx 17 inches across by 45 inches tall, and when you look at them side by side the images do seem to match up. They're in a solid metal frame so very sturdy.

Below are some pictures, and I am experimenting with a new photo blogging program called Hello (hence the little speech bubbly thing at the end).

First, here is the window from the top of a door
ship window

And here are the two windows that are part of a set. They're amazingly detailed; different in style to the other kinds we have as there isn't any clear glass in them, but similar heritage I think.
stained glass scene stained glass scene

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