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Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Dad has found us a great old shipping container which we can use for secure storage up at Amherst. It means we don't need to keep annoying people by cluttering up their houses with our stuff; nor spend a fortune on one of those storage places like Fort Knox. We worked out that we'll break even in around 2-3 years on buying the container compared to if we'd had to rent the space in Fort Knox; plus this way Dave gets to add to his accumulation of sheds which he's happy about!

The container was originally custom-made as a workshop for a plumber; Dad got it secondhand from a place near Geelong. It's a basic 20ft container except at one end it has an extension of 18 inches, which means that we can fit building material like timber etc in standard lengths which would otherwise be slightly too long. It is wired for power, has two vents for air circulation covered with mesh, and shelving. It should be very secure with Dad getting extra modifications made so now there'll be a big steel I-beam blocking the door as well as two padlocks with a locking system that stops people being able to get at them with bolt cutters etc. We're going to put it down near Charlie's house, behind our dam so it will be largely out of sight of our house, harder for people to sneak up to as it's more in view of Charlie, and also more convenient for delivering things.

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