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Sunday, March 13, 2005

7 Hammersmith Terrace

There was an article in last week's Property supplement with the Evening Standard newspaper about an amazing house in London that is going to open to the public for the first time. It is Emery Walker's house... he was a printer heavily involved in the Arts & Crafts movement, and good friends with William Morris etc. The place is pretty much as he left it so it is a real treasure trove of Arts & Crafts... they claim it's the last original interior left (there are others that have been recreated but this is the only one that hasn't been changed since the 1930's). You can see some pictures here

It's opening for a couple of days each week for 3 months only, to coincide with the V&A's latest exhibition about Arts & Crafts. We're trying to book a time to go see the house, it would be amazing to experience it in real life in a home rather than a museum, and we might get some good ideas.

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