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Friday, February 18, 2005

hobbit house update

Dad has been clearing out his backyard, where there are all sorts of useful building materials waiting for a purpose. He writes:
"The pile of usable timber offcuts and leftovers from work I will pile on the trailer and take to Amherst for working into the building of the hobbithole. I took a large load up this week, and while up there went to Maryborough to the quarry and brought a tandem load of concrete making sand and a tandem of screenings. I also brought a tandem load of broken concrete patio from Tex's place for building up the sides of the hole to about chest height. I am still considering how to achieve the excavation. I have some options, but none involve spending much money. That doesn't need to be achieve urgently, so I may use the time-honoured pick and shovel method".

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