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Monday, January 24, 2005

Greene & Greene

Eric, our architect, recommended we take a look at Greene & Greene who were famous Arts and Crafts architects from California. I ordered some books which were really interesting... some parts of their work I just adore but others seem bizarrely 1960s-ish to me, which considering it was all built around the turn of the century just shows how long it took for their style to make its way to Australia!

The parts we loved were especially the verandahs and some of their finishes, e.g., the shingles on the house sidings. (Why do they never seem to build with shingles in Australia?) The way the houses flowed was brilliant too, they seemed like they'd be nice to live in. We also loved their stained glass and lanterns.

Here is a link to download some more pictures of things we like, taken from various books about Arts & Crafts style including the ones on Greene & Greene. additional pictures.pps

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