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Friday, January 07, 2005

choosing a wastewater treatment system

septic tank site This is a useful 8 page overview about selecting an onsite wastewater or septic system. Given that we're aiming to have toilets that don't use water, it's really only water from things like washing machines, kitchen sink and showers/baths that we need to worry about. I had originally been assuming that if we use "green" products in cleaning that it wouldn't require treatment before going onto the garden but it seems that may not be the case: "Graywater, sometimes mistakenly thought to be safe to discharge, is high in organic material, fecal bacteria, and nutrients. Wastewater from sources other than toilets (including laundry, bath, shower, and kitchen), called graywater, may contain pathogens, and thus is sewage that must be treated". Whatever system we choose though, I want the water to not be lost forever but to be cleaned so that it can be re-used on the garden (and not only on a particular part of the the garden)... hopefully Eric will be able to suggest an approach.

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