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Thursday, January 27, 2005

another Russian trunk

Another one of very similar style came up for auction which we just couldn't resist. These will be used initially as (very fancy) tea-chests for sending things back to Australia, but ultimately as a side-table or trunk at the end of a bed. So it's like buying a piece of furniture as well. Here's the description:
"A beautiful example of mid C19th Russian painted chest. This piece dates from around 1850 and features the original paint with a particularly lovely design and glorious, rich colouring and cast iron banding. The paint design is featured on all four sides. There are cast iron handles at each end and the original cast iron escutcheon to the front although inside, the lock is missing. The top is slightly domed and here the paint has faded and worn slightly from years of use.
In good condition but it must be expected with a piece of this age that there are some scuffs, dents, bumps etc. The hinges have a certain amount of play in them but do work and a few pieces of the cast iron banding are missing but to no particularly adverse effect. Measurements: 25.25' (64cm) x 18.5' (47) x 14.5' (37)"
russian trunk2


opton_tessar said...

These trunks are from Russian North, your dealer was right. They were produced not in Arkhangels itself but (most probably) in Velikij Ustjug
Here are some examples from Alexey Germanovitch's private collection:

Lynette said...

Thank you, that is really interesting to know. These trunks are still among my most favourite possessions. I'm glad to know more about their provenance.

opton_tessar said...


I have some questions about your chests, could you please give me your email ? I am going to write a book about these chests :)

Thank you! gregg128@gmail.com

Patent Lawyer said...

Gorgeous, I'd kill to own this!