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Friday, April 16, 2004

photos of garden things I love

As part of pulling together a brief for the garden design for Prue, we've put together an album of photographs of garden features and planting schemes that we liked, which you can view in an Ofoto album here.

UPDATE: I've now put it into book format on Scribd to make it easier to browse...
Garden Ideas (a collection from 2004)

There are 208 photos in total, and if you view them on the fullscreen rather than thumbnails I've put in the description what the particular thing was that I liked about them.

Below are my favourite photos in which I love absolutely *everything*, to give you a flavour:

creating filtered shade for patio (Dry Climate Gardening - Orthos)

gum tree lined driveway at Cruden Farm - Eucalyptus Citriodora (Natural Planting - Penelope Hobhouse)

lavendar sage and yarrow garden (Dry Climate Gardening - Orthos)

mediterraneon style pool2

olive trees in meadow (Practical Herb Garden - Jessica Houdret)

sedum in rockery planting in brick wall (New Perennial Garden - Noel Kingsbury)

shady bold architectural planting - palms, agave americana (Natural Planting - Penelope Hobhouse)

stone and pebble paving (Lost Gardens of Heligan - Tim Smit)

wild mediterranean garden (new perennial garden - Noel Kingsbury)

yellow orange red in sunset garden (gardening at sissinghurst - Tony Lord)

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