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Saturday, March 13, 2004

Nearby attractions - Paddy's Ranges, Amherst Winery, Talbot

Here's a link to Paddy's Ranges State Park, which is close by our property. It's famous for its wildflowers apparently. I don't think this is the forest that joins our land (that's just a state forest, not a park) but it will be a similar make-up of plants I would have thought. http://www.parkweb.vic.gov.au/1park_display.cfm?park=169

This is a link to Amherst Winery which is just down the road, which also has some pictures although it's very flat, not like our place http://www.amherstwinery.com/

http://www.cgold.com.au/talbot.html this is a great little overview of Talbot with pictures. they just started a monthly farmers market, my Mum went and said it was packed and excellent stuff. There's a link to Talbot at the top of this page which if you click it drops down other things too... it seems like a small community but thriving in the sense of still being a community and being active. The more I find out about it the more I like it.

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